Painting in Oil and Acrylic


                                                      Inverse                                                     Converse           

"As an abstract expressionist and as I paint intuitively, I never know how a painting will look until I deem it finished. "Inverse" and "Converse" began as an experiment... two 20x20 inch canvases side by side, one to be painted in oil and the second in acrylic using the same color palettes.  When I made a mark in oil on one canvas, I switched to the acrylic palette and made a mark with the same color on the other canvas.  Would they be alike?  Not at all.  After living with the paintings for several days, I detested them.  Back at the easel, my goal became improvement... not sameness and not perfection.  "As in life, in art perfectionism does not exist."  The first paintings became under-paintings for the second.  I used only one palette and it had to be oil as acrylic cannot be applied over oil or it will crack during the drying process.  I applied the same color to each canvas before moving to another color.  Since the under-paintings were completely different, I knew the outcome would be different.  Even though there are similarities like fraternal twins, there are differences.  Given a situation in life with an agreed-upon-outcome, responses will be different.  I wanted the titles for the two paintings to be relative to their similarities but to also recognize their differences.  Hence, Inverse and Converse were born and have taken on their own identities."